Compression Bit

Bought the 1/8" compression bits for the Sienci Store and they cut fantastic, especially through 1/4" plywood. Some of the cutouts I am working on require a 1/16" bit. I have 1/16" up and down cut, but get fuzzy cuts at top or bottom of piece depending on which I use. Does anyone know if 1/16 compression bits even exist? I have searched the internet with no luck. If anyone knows or has seen these bits please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


@BC201 Like you, Chuck, I’ve never seen one. I would think that the issue may be that the cutting length of 1/16" bits is so short that to get both and up cut and down cut spiral on them is not possible.

You’ve likely already considered this, but when I am cutting jigsaw puzzles, I set two tool paths, each 1/2 the thickness of the material. I cut the top half using the down cut bit and the bottom half using the up cut bit. That way, both surfaces are clean. For the second tool path, I start it where the first left off so I’m not cutting air. It adds to the time for each project, but I’m too lazy to do all that sanding.


More questions re-the compressions bits since they are not on the [Speeds and Feeds PDF] (

What should the 1/8" Compression bit cutting parameters and Feeds & Speeds be set to? Are these correct if I was to cut plywood and/or MDF?
Pass Depth .1496 in (3.8mm) with 40% stepover.
Spindle speed 12000 (Makita #1 or 2)
Feed Rate 80 in/min (2030 mm/min) or faster?
Plunge Rate 100 in/min (2540 mm/min)?

Also is there is a better bit to cut t-nut and dog holes in 3/4 MDF for my spoil board?

I am about to cut a lot of 1/2" plywood with the same bit. I am going to use the “regular speed” F&S they list for 1/8" UC and DC bits as my start. I figure compression will be similar. Only hiccup being pass #1 should be greater than 3mm deep so the first cut uses the DC portion of the bit (which you’re doing).

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