Computer help downloads for ugs

finally got long mill mounted to board. now need lots of help with the computer. have downloaded the ugs file but when i try to unzip it it does nothing. what does come up is the user inter face screen, the screen to set router dimensions. cant get anything to work on it. I assume thats because i can’t get the ugs file to cooperate. have used another program and the router does it’s thing. have programmed a few circles and an oval and even got a board leveled with a bowl router bit. have ld. bobcad and have’nt received the opening code from them yet. Am using a Toshiba Satellite 655 with newest windows 10 update. Hope that is not a problem, when i downloaded it, Just want to play with various programs so I can choose one. So I want Seinci’s program to cooperate. Also the last os I was familiar with was vista. So am somewhat lost with this new 10 os. So any help will be greatly welcomed. thanks to all. wlw

@Stilltooshort On the page where you found UGS, it provides instructions for downloading the zip file, extracting all the files and where to find the executable file in the bin folder. There is no installation file as there is with most other windows applications.
UGS requires that you have Java installed, so if you do not, install it before trying to run UGS.

Running windows 10 on that laptop should not pose any unique issues. Are you using it to connect to the LongMill or to do your CAD/CAM work, or both. If it is connected to your Mill, be sure to go into power settings and turn off the setting that allows win10 to reduce power to USB ports. Set it to never. It’s not a bad idea to turn of sleep and to make sure that the laptop does nothing when you close the lid.

When you say " I want Sienci’s program to cooperate", which program are you talking about. UGS is not Sienci’s program,

What “other program” have you used that had the router “do its thing”?

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The program that seinci reccomends in the electronis assembly when setting up the router. the program I got to work is the easel program from inventables. I downloaded Java the first thing. The last experience i had with Java, it downloaded and took care of itself for whatever i needed it for. I assume I don’t need to do anything with it, or do I. thks again wlw

I am planning to use it as a dedicated comp and stay off line. have my big comp for doing cam and cad. Plan on using flash drives to down load to dedicated comp.

@Stilltooshort If you have a recent enough version of Java already installed, you will not need to do anything more about that. UGS states which version of Java their software needs. If UGS will not run, if you can provide more info on what you are seeing, we can likely help.

However, since you have said that you have some other software running that has allowed you to cut figures and flatten your spoil board, you can simply stay with that. I don’t know what this is, but hey, if it works, stick with it.

Your 2-computer plan is a good one.

The program is called Easel, It comes from Inventables and and is fairly easy to use. What happens when I try to get the ugs to extract from the file location it doesn’t bring up the black screen that you set the 64 bit setting in.

@Stilltooshort I’m not an Easel user, but I play one on TV. :grinning: This video my help you. UGS cannot open an Easel file, if I understand what I’ve read. However, Easel will export a gcode file that UGS can read.

You will want to jump ahead to about the 7 minute mark to get to the gcode part.

I assume that you choose your post processor in Easel before this video comes into play. What post are you choosing? From what I understand from your first post, it is working. I’m just curious.

Once you export the gcode from easel, you should be able to open it in UGS. If you cannot, report back with what you see and we’ll keeping plugging away at it.

I’ll try that with the ugs and see if it, easel , will export it to the ugs. and then go to the machine interface. What little i have done, I am going to guess that it has sent the g codes to the easel program with out any input from me, as it just started to carve when i hit carve. maybe they have changed it to just take g code with no extra steps. Or maybe Seinci has addressed the problem in there software. I try it and see what happens. Now that I know who you are I have watched a few of your u tube vids. Will continue to watch them. thks again wlw

ok I was asleep last nite. Had not done anything on the router for a few days so mind was not thinking. The way Easel is set up now you put in the controller and machine you have and some other things they ask for and you are good to go. I assume enough people have got differant machines so they must have decided to simplify setting up for differant machines. I will proboly not bother with seincis recommened program. So will go with Easel for now and try Bobcad and meshcam later when I know more about making scrap wood for the furnace. LOL thks much again wlw.

@Stilltooshort Just so you know wlw, that is not me in the video. I was just searching for something that might help you out. If you do decide to use Easel and UGS, it does not seem to be too difficult. From the video, I gather that Easel will allow you to export gcode. UGS will import and run it.

Thanks for clearing that up. Yes that is the case, it will export g code. And I am going to try and get the ugs up and working. It will work on several other programs as far as I can tell. Thks. for the help . Will keep you on my help list. WLW