Confirm grbl vs grblHAL on connect

I’m seeing a lot of Facebook posts where people are having problems with erratic behavior or errors after upgrading to 1.4.x and almost all I have helped with ended up being the user selected grblHAL when they connected (or it somehow defaulted to that which I find hard to believe)

I would recommend some type of confirmation or check that if you can’t read firmware values, you fail the connection. At least something that calls out attention to the board type.


Totally agree, lost 5 minutes earlier today after update. I did not understand why it was not connecting.
Figures out GRBLHal was selected by default.
Easy fix, but was not expecting this behaviour.

There’s a user who created an issue on GitHub complaining about a “showstopper bug” when everything he’s explaining is pointing to connecting incorrectly (either by mistake or defaulting to HAL). I probably fix half a dozen a day in Facebook by pointing it out to people.


How do you figure out it was grblhal? I’m a newbie that updated to 1.4.3.

When you connect, make sure Grbl is selected. You’ll see an IP address connection if you select GrblHAL



Yeah I’ve had to help out quite a handful of people too - we’ll be looking at taking a new approach to solving the issue moving into the future but what we tried now in version 1.4.4 is to just revert everyone back to grbl by default and also hide the firmware selection by default to avoid people switching over by mistake

Thanks for all the tips you were giving out to others @hamanjam me and Kevin and the rest of the team really appreciate it

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