Converting fusion to vectric

Just looking for a way to convert fusion files.f3d so I can import into V carve pro. Any thoughts
Thanks in advance

@Bjeff Welcome back.

Others may contradict me, but I don’t think that’s possible. You may be able to export from fusion as a file type that VCarvePro can import though. I’ve never used Fusion, but I believe that you can select “save as stl”. VCarvePro can import the stl file. I think you can also export as obj and vCP can import that.

Thanks, there is a free program on the net which I tried but Vectric couldn’t open it after the conversion. It was a file I bought built in fusion so I’ll just work around the pdf and try and get creative🙂

@Bjeff There is a free version of Fusion 360, I believe. You could install it, open the file, export it as .stl and open it in VcP.

Thanks for that I’ll give it a go, appreciate the extra effort on your part. :+1:

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What’s the design like?