COVID-19 Updates and LongMill Production

Hey everyone. I hope everyone is safe and healthy out there.

As of yesterday, we have shipped an additional 50 LongMills (up to order #23981)! The remaining orders are currently in the process of being packed.

Here are some new updates:

  • We have shorter lead times for LongMills!

  • Besides me or Ikenna who are running shipping day to day operations from the shop, everyone else is working from home.

For full update details, please read the post on our blog:

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Nice work and impressive execution. Respect.

hi Andy
my order number is 18750. can i assume that my order has been shipped?
will i get an email about the shipping?
“Tough times never last.
But tough people do”
Robert Schuller

Hi Robert, I will take a look and see.

Hi Robert,

Ikenna should have sent you an email about your order. If you didn’t get in touch with him, please check your email.