Creating work offsets G54 55 56

I am using UGS and I want to create a macro that lifts the router to safe Z height and brings it to a tool changing position. I have homing switched installed and can successfully home. For a test macro I set up G55 X-10 Y-10 Z0 with the router initially homed and then jogged to X-12 Y-12 Z0. I tested the macro and the machine started moving quickly way past -10 -10 like it was homing at warp speed. OK, I change the direction to X10 Y10 Z0, I homed the maching and jogged back to -12 -12 0. Tested the macro again and had the same direction and speed of the maching back towards home. In both cases I stopped the machine because it was moving in an unexpected direction at max speed. So I repeated the process starting at the homing position with the G55 X-10 Y-10 Z0 macro and the machine went in the homing direction yet again tripping the limit switches for X or Y. I have used work offsets on my other machines using Mach 3 to set up multiple fixtures. What am I doing wrong in UGS??? Thanks!

You need to enter G10L20P1X0Y0 to set the G54 position. P2 for G55, etc.