Credenza "Two Beyond the Box"

Here’s the credenza I recently completed.
I used my Longmill to produce the vacuum veneer mould for making the curved gables and the matching slot in each of the 4 corner posts. Although I’ve done this “by hand and eye” in previous pieces requiring precision joinery, the milled slots in the legs were so exact that the veneered gable panels slid perfectly into place. Absolutely awesome to see this level of precision work out so well!

But the main design element, the drawer handles extending from each corner and crossing at the intersection of the left and right set of drawers was made on my Longmill. I was very impressed with how precisely everything came out.


@ApexWoodworks Beautiful piece, Marty!

I remember your post about this project back when it was in design phase. I’m really happy that you shared the results. It looks fantastic!

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Thanks, Michael. (I’m surprised that anyone remembered that post, as it’s been so long since it made it, LoL!)

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Nice piece Marty. Like the way the curved door handles match the legs. Also a nice looking finish.

Thanks, Michael. I was really happy with how things came out. However if I ever do another cabinet with integrated curvaceous drawer handles, I’ll reduce the spacing between the drawer fronts, as they’re the width of my sawblade (approximately 1/8"), which is somewhat wider than standard.