Cribbage board files

I was wondering if anyone has some cribbage board files they would care to share. My family have been asking if I can make a few.


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Hi @MikeH if you use VCarve Pro there are some predesigned cribbage boards embedded in the software. Personally, I have not ventured down that path yet. But I do know they are there. Hope this helps!

They do have some nice boards but I was looking for something that had lines not just the holes. I think it looks better. I guess I could add some and see how it goes.
Thanks Jake

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@MikeH There are a ton of files on Etsy.


I think I will just make my own. It is getting close to Christmas and I thought I could save some time.

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@MikeH Understood. There are files on Etsy for download that you can use on your Long Mill. I didn’t mean for you to buy the boards. Search Etsy for cribbage board cnc files.

If you are using Vectric software, here is a tutorial video and file download

Thanks, I am using Vectric and I have laid out a few boards with out the lines that look pretty good but I don’t have the lines quite right. I wish I would have paid more attention in geomitry when I was in school. lol Hell, cell phones and computers were just a dream in someones head!


@MikeH Mike, if you were anything like me, you were busy chasing women instead of learning geometry. There are many things I wish I would have paid attention to, but was busy doing “other” things. Please take the time to post your creations once you have a design you like. Enjoy the journey!

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Jake, I will do that. I’m going to post a couple inlays I did over in the projects. It was a lot of fun doing them, watching as you sand down to the inlay to see if all went as you hope.

@MikeH I just posted some cribbage board files that I found online. Maybe they are useful to you.

MH3 person cribbage board.crv (1.2 MB)
MH 2 person cribbage board.crv (1022 KB)

Here are a couple cribbage board files I made. Not that hard once you just sit down and figure it out. I’m still working on the peg storage on the 2 person. I think what I have there will work. I have never found a bit to cut the slot that most cribbage boards have for peg storage.

I’m looking forward to making some irregular shaped boards somewhere down the line.

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I know these are just plain old cribbage but I like the tracks on the boards and I don’t see that often. They can be painted or use different colored epoxy in the tracks. Makes for a good looking board.

Here’s one I made with birds eye maple and black walnut trim and feet.


Very nice - love the combination. Birds eye maple looks amazing!

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I did see a fancy inlay one on the Vectric forum so paint wouldn’t be required. I have never played,

Math dude!
but my Uncle requested one so working on that.
@MikeH everything I make is irregular