Custom vacuum shoe

After a week of designing and 3d printing it’s time to test my custom vacuum shoe.


@Ratmeat - Interesting! Keep us posted with the results.

@Ratmeat Looks very interesting, Keith. How does it come off for bit changes?

It slips off easily.

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This is my first time using a dust shoe. I designed it to be easy on / off and to fit within the width of the z-axis carriage. I know some are independent of the z-axis, this one isn’t. I plan on adding a thumb screw hose clamp for the lower section to grip the router.

Yay! It extracted most of the chips. I set the shoe 10mm above the bit. Taking a 2mm pass on pine. A significant improvement over me holding the hose nearby.


@Ratmeat That is really cool! I am still anxiously awaiting my MK2. Hopefully in the next week or so. I don’t own a 3d printer, but after seeing what you did, I may have to look into one sometime!

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Congrats on making a new model of vacuum shoe, Keith! My Sienci Labs MK1 shoe is woefully inadequate, which I believe is due to the limited amount of vacuum being concentrated over a far too large area, combined with the large opening at the back of the boot.

Marty from Kingston, ON

Hey thanks. I plan on designing something like the MK2 boot for the MK1. I’ve have the will and just need to find the way.

That’d be great, Keith!

Marty from Kingston, ON

Does anyone have a vector for the Scienci dust shoe Plexiglass mount?