Customizable gui

hello and congratulations for the beautiful project.

Is it possible to enable editing of panels (resizing, relocating) and lables and and?

I’d love to be able customize the gui to my liking. I think it could be a payed feature. The point where grblHal is at for example with Ethernet break out boards available, super fast step rates it just puts Grbl at an interesting option for professional machine builders.

I have been checking gcode senders for quite some time now and I can see most commit a certain “mistake” that would put “serious” people off grbl. So much so that many ventures decided to make their own gui hardcoded. Candle is not far to hitting the mark for me but seems to have been abandoned.

Let me remind you that Mach3 was and still is very popular and not only as it was the first pc based cnc control but also because its customizeable gui… It has probably the most powerful screen editor ever done . Oh perhaps mach4 does.

Im watching this with experienced eyes and I can see clear untapped potential.