Cutting Board Organizer

I work as a cooking instructor at our local college. We needed a method to organize about 40 HDPE cutting boards, each 18" x 24" in size. I came up with this idea, using some old cutting boards as stock.

When you put a cutting board onto the rack, it slides along three teeth on the bottom until it hits a stopper. It also slides through a tooth on the upper rack. Each of my cut out pieces is held to the green wire rack with zip ties.

The whole system is working really well. We can get 40 cutting boards into a very small space. Because there is a gap between each cutting board, they can be put away wet and left to air dry.


I also made some dog bone shaped connectors between the lower and upper green racks. This helps to distribute some of the load. All of those cutting boards add up to a lot of weight!

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Brilliant! That seems like a nice solution to your problem.

It’s so amazing that CNC technology is available to mere mortals like us. I’ll be 50 this year so I remember most of the computer revolution and it’s really amazing what is available today!


@dhavemann My Two favorite things, CNC & Food, what a great idea, make me think where our cookie sheet cabinet coul sure use some help! Thanks for sharing this, much appreciated.

I was in quite a rush to build it just to see if it would work. When I have some time I might redo it, making a few tweaks and adding a chamfer to the edges. That HDPE cutting board material is great to cut on the CNC.