Determining max cutting area and the designing a grid to cut into spoil board

if I set the x and y axis all the way forward and left, then drop a v bit down to where it will scratch the surface, then turn the router on and manually jog the machine thru the entire outside back to start position, will that be my cutting area? then create a grid from there, on Carbide. I’m trying to figure out how to design the grid where it will match the cutting area and starting points exactly. I do not have homing switches and all the videos seem to assume you have a home position with switches. newbie here as you can tell. I have made some test cuts and clamps so far.

That point + 1/2 the diameter of your chosen bit will determine the max cutting size of your longmill. I’d use a small dia end mill to lay out the grid and then keep within the grid for your projects. You could also add a 90° corner stop jig to locate your starting point for projects. Enjoy the journey including the bumpy bits]!


@jareed58 If you use the touch plate to set Zero you may need to reduce the max cutting area so you have room to use the touch plate.
That was the mistake I’ll eventually correct on mine.

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