Diamond Etched Tile with MC Etcher

Did a new experiment with my MC Etcher Bit on some tile I got from the hardware store. I then rubbed paint onto it and it rubs right off the shiny part and stays in the etched area.


What size bit did you use? How do you set the depth of cut with these bits?

It was a 90 degree spring loaded etcher from Carbide 3D. They simply etch the surface and are used without running the spindle. If you use a quick engraving path the setting is worded as pressure for the depth. I usually do anywhere from 0.01 to 0.04 depending what material. I have had a lot of fun using it on slate coasters as well.

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Thanks. I didn’t know the spindle was not spinning. Have you used other sizes? 120? 60?

Sorry @Swinly I forgot to reply. I have the 120 as well. I started with the 120 but mainly use that one if I’m only doing like a pocketing in slate with little stepover but if i want a deeper outline i go with the 90.

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