DIY Auto-Switch - Dust Collection with Router

Hey All,

I had posted a link awhile back on the Facebook group for the DIY Auto-Switch. When you turn on your Router it turns on your vacuum automatically, then when you shut off your router the vacuum runs for 5 seconds longer (can be changed) before turning off.

Here is the link again - Auto- Switch (Router & Dust Collection)

Parts List:
1x Arduino Compatible Nano Microcontroller ($5)
1x ACS712 Hall effect Current Sensor ($7)
1x Relay Module ($3)
2x US AC Power Receptacle ($1.50/ea)
1x 14 AWG Extension Cord (Free)
1x USB Cable (Mini) (Free)
1x USB Wall Wart (Free)
1x Laser Cut Enclosure (Free)

My Build Pics:

A quick vid of it up and running. Hard to hear when I turn on the router but the vac instantly turns on. Once the router is off you can hear just the vac running for 5 secs.

Hope this inspires someone.



@Lumpy Thanks for sharing that! I posted something similar for those of us who aren’t quite at that electrical level yet, using smart power outlets from Amazon: Smart Shop - activate dust collector with router

The upside of the power outlets is I have a one-to-many relationship where any of my on switches (router, jigsaw, chopsaw, bench) trigger the vac and can de-activate it. The problem I have is remembering to move the vaccum hose now! I need to get it over head and probably do a little project to shunt between various hoses automatically, but that’s outside my reach for now…


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I don’t know if I would install this in a wood box. If it got hot it could start a fire on you. Be careful play safe guys

Another caution is to make sure the load carrying components are rated for an inductive load. If they are not I would de-rate them at least 50% and use a mettalic box to be safe.