DIY Dust Cyclone Collector

Attached is the vid I followed to create my DIY dust cyclone collector.

This interfaces between the vacuum and the your hose. It separates out the
majority of the fine particulate sawdust before it can reach the main vacuum
filter. Less clogging ect…

I’ve had this setup for over a year now and it works great. My main shopvac
rarely gets filled, and I empty the 5gal dust collector once every month or so.

DIY Dust Cyclone Collector

Hope this helps someone out.



@Lumpy Those are great. I started to make one myself but ended up needing to upgrade my shopvac and tripped across another option that I’m really pleased with (after 3 months). The Ridgid vacs for homedepot have these contract dust bags: (looks like you can get them for other brands too, Homedepot mentioned some other brands on a related link)

I was skeptical, essentially I took a new large (I think it was 16 gallon) vac, assembled it, build a silencer cabinet for it, and put one of these in. Then I largely forgot about it until my vac would start and immediately shut off last week. I opened the cabinet, took the lid off the vac and it was pristine & clean inside. I carefully unhooked the rubber opening on the intake, spilled a tiny bit of dust (will be more careful next time), tossed it in a trash bag for disposal and installed a new filter bag. Virtually no dust made it through to the drum of the vaccum and it was super easy to clean up. The downsides are the capacity is lowered a bit by the bag and you have the on-going cost of bags but other than that, it’s a potential option for those it appeals to.


I bought a dust deputy for my Crappy Tire shop vac - absolutely awesome - I have not had to change the bag in the shop vac in going on 2 years now!! though I also have a dedicated dust collector for wood - shop vac for floors crap and metal machines - dust collector for wood… can’t use the dust collector on anything else.

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