DIY paddleboard - first steps

Just finished cutting the last of four 12x30 panels containing cross-members, skeg, deck etc. for my first attempt at a skin-on-frame paddleboard (Google Dave Gentry’s “Boardyak”).

I’m a member of the “measure three times, cut twice, give up and have a beer” school of carpentry, so I’m thrilled to have precision parts without the usual frustration and box of band-aids.


Wow Robb, those parts are looking stellar :beers:

I love your shop setup at well! Glad to see that the 12x30 is fitting your space nicely

Was just thinking about making a SUP as I was looking at a BC supplier who supplies the internal frame and was wondering if a 30x30 would do the job. Now I know a 12x30 will work. Think about buying Silver Paddle Boards plans out of BC. Looks great.

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Very cool! I love having a machine that can precisely cut out complex shapes as well. It’s super awesome!