Do I need VCarve or VCarve Pro

Do I need VCarve Pro or just the standard VCarve for my future MK2 30x30?

VCarve Desktop will limit you to 24"x24" projects, without tiling, and doesn’t support Gadgets. The good thing is you can start with Desktop and then pay the difference to upgrade, I believe.

@_Michael you are correct you only pay the difference. I have the 48” and found out the hard the 24 x 24 limitation. With that said you can tile your work.

I have read about the 24x24 limitations, I just was not certain which one was necessary. I guess to get the full potential out of the mill I would have to go Pro. What are Gadgets?

Gadgets are little programs written in LUA that access the C++ code and provide custom controls etc. There is a gadget to make a box for example. You enter the box dimensions and it creates all the vectors for the box. There is one to help with dovetails etc.

EDIT: You can learn more about gadgets and see some gadgets here. Others can be found on the Vectric forums.