Don’t tin wire ends for connectors?

I noticed the power wire ends are tinned. I work in electronics, and I’ve always been under the impression this is a problem, because solder will slowly “flow” when clamped in the connector, potentially leaving a loose and dangerous connection.

For mine, I cut off the tinned ends, twisted the copper wire strands together and reconnected them.



@Dave you’re 100% correct. All new power supplies won’t have tinned ends but the ones we’ve shipped so far will. To get a more secure and lasting connection we recommend snipping the tinned leads off and exposing the stranded wire for use in its place as you’ve done

I wire ferrule’d all my connections for steppers & probe. I couldn’t ferrule the power connector because its a tight fit but did snip and twist ends.


Yes, all stranded wire should be ferruled.
I guess not everybody is an electrician and won’t have the tools, but try and borrow from a friend. You only have to do it once.

Will pin terminals work? Like, these, for example

I’ve used those in instances where a crimped ferrule is too big to fit into a terminal. Essentially converting a stranded wire into a solid copper pin (ok, it’s formed in a die). Just like terminating your standard NMD house wire.

I think those are a great alternative to ferruls, and as a bonus, no special crimper required.

Tks, Claude. I ended up finding some locally and I’ve put them on all the motor wire ends and the two on the probe connector.