Drag Knife/Pen mount

@frankchannel / Corey first posted his design of a mount to hold a drag knife or a pen in the Hallowe’en contest thread but I thought that it deserved a thread of its own. Here are the design files that Corey linked to:

Corey exported the files in both .stl and .obj format. Here they are:

SideMount_DragKnifePen.zip (156.9 KB)

If you go with a drag knife similar to the one that Corey used, here is a link that describes how to install the blades, etc. Note that the video does not show Corey’s mount design. I’ve linked to it to show how the blades are inserted into the holder.


I 3D printed the 3 pieces required, got the rods / springs / and bearings. The only question I have is in the second piece, what part was used with the blue knob for tightening the pen / draft knife? It looks like a bolt with the knob on top, was wondering where I could get that or if I have to make something.

Additionally what size are the allen screws to attach it to the gantry?

This is looking good though, excited to try it out!


@solitice @frankchannel I don’t have a 3D printer so mine is hard maple cut on the Long Mill. I had knobs with a 10-24 thread pitch, so I just threaded the middle piece of the jig and used that knob. I had 1/4-20 also, but they seemed to be overkill.

Cory will be able to tell you what he used for the knob. I don’t think that there is any specific one, though.

As for the screws, they are 5mm. I had some left over from the Long Mill build. I had to shorten them a bit, but that was all.

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Yes M5 threads to connect to the router mount. And it’s an M4 hex nut and bolt that’s used to secure the pen or drag knife. I 3d printed a knurled knob for that so I could finger tighten the attachments…

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