Drill bit was broken

I tried to cut this ,

2 or 3 time, cutting circle
Suddenly drill bit was down and move to right.
Drill bit was broken

this G-CODE get from CAMLab.
How should I do ?

I will upload second picture next topic.

around center, drill bit was broken.

What size is that bit? It looks burnt, which would suggest that you are being too aggressive.

It’s likely a question of how deep your passes were, and your feeds and speeds, and maybe ramp distance.

That looks like pine or spruce. Is it? With softwood, you should have no problem.

I used 1/8 bit and thickness 30mm of laminated wood.
CAMLab default setting 10 time, one time 3mm x 10mm
After 2 or 3 time, 10mm, suddenly drill bit was down on the line that is not hole, I can not understand the motion. I think G-code has problem of CAMLab output.
And I will try again what is check point

When you say “laminated wood”, is that plywood? Plywood beats bits up.

Can you post your bit settings from Camlab? I’ve never used it, so I don’t know if that is possible. I think that anyone here that would like to help needs to know feeds and speeds. That bit looks burnt to me, so I’m thinking that may have caused your problem. Also, did you have ramps set, or did you plunge straight in for each pass?

Finally, I would bet that the gouge that we see was caused by the broken end of the bit, not any problem with the Gcode.

I send screen capture image of CAMLab.
You can see bit setting.
picture 1

picture 2

picture 3

And material is like this.

First, drill was down too deeply when move to left at first picture.
And drill was burned and broken, so part of bit is inside now.

I went onto the camlabs site page and I can’t see a way to have it ramp into your cuts. It’s likely there, but I can’t find it. I would bet that is the issue. It is plunging straight down 3mm, then starting the cut. There are users on here that use camlabs. Maybe one of them or Chris can help you more.
I always ramp the plunge with small diameter bits to reduce the strain.