Dust collection hoses that are flexible enough for a small area

Does anyone have any experience with a flexible hose? I’m planning my setup to include the CNC underneath a top so I need something that can move around fairly freely in that area that will move with the machine and bend well enough. Up here in Canada my research seems to point me to a Rockler “Dust Right” product that isn’t readily available up here. So just wondering if anyone has any recommendations that I won’t have to ship cross border.

@mconnelly If you are looking for something that works with a vacuum, I have this one and it is excellent:


It’s pricey, but very flexible and pretty much crush proof.

If you are going to a dust collector, again Lee Valley has hoses that are very flexible. The last 5 feet or so of my dust collection for my Mill is this one:


I’ve used the same hose on other machines in my shop for years and they hold it well.

Thanks! I have some of the clear stuff, I don’t find it that flexible. maybe its just old and being in a garage where the temperature changes has affected the material.

Considering I’d have to pay 20$ more for the one in the states compared to that lee valley one so it doesn’t seem too bad. The only thing I’m thinking is @ 12’ long I’d want to cut it down to size, do you think it will work ok if I do that and secure an end with a hose clamp?

@mconnelly Both ends on the LV hose screw onto the hose. I see no reason why you could not unscrew one of the ends, cut the hose, then screw the end back on. I don’t know about removing an end and using a hose clamp to secure the hose. It is pretty much crush proof and I don’t know if a hose clamp would compress it enough to hold it.
Later today, I’ll unscrew one of the ends on mine and see if I can compress it with a hose clamp. I’ll let you know how I make out.

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Thanks, I appreciate that!

@mconnelly I unthreaded one end of the hose and put a dowel into it that was about 1/8" smaller in diameter than the ID of the hose. I was able to close the hose around the dowel with a standard hose clamp.I guess, in worst case, if you needed to crush the hose more than it wanted to go, you could cut a slit in it lengthwise.

@gwilki thanks for checking that out for me it sounds like it should work =)