Dust collection system

I started with the KickStarter version of the Mk1 Long Mill 30 x 30. It had the original dust shoe that I quickly came to strongly dislike.

I have designed and played with various models of magnetically-connected shoes since then. I bought the current version of the Mk1 dust shoe, but was not happy with losing so much X travel.

The attached zip file has pics and a description of my current set up. I lose a total of about 5/8" in X travel still, but the improved dust collection makes that I reasonable trade off for me.



DC pics.zip (1.7 MB)


Me too, looking for ideas…

I also don’t really like the stock dust boot, and have been searching for something different. I like your design. I would like to make one that has a magnetic brush to make it easier to change bits and not have to re-align the boot each time. At least I moved the dust collector outside, so I don’t have to listen to it. Thanks for sharing your design.