Dust shoe problem

Since a while I got some vaccum problem with my dust shoe. The track is deformed.

So I don’t want to by a new one dust shoe. I search the STL file of this on sienci.com but I didn’t. I only find something says you need to have an account to get that. But I’m logged in with my account and I don’t find where is it.

Can someone help me to find the 3d print parts database.

After that I must find someone in my area with a 3D printer

Here’s the STL
Bristle Ring and Base.stl (1.2 MB)

Where are you located?

That said, if you have a heat gun, just heat the part and flatten it out. You’d only want to barely heat it.

I’m in Quebec City. Thanks for the file. I will try to redress it or I will look for a 3D printer owner around me.