Dust Shoe STL File?

Well, my 80mm adapter finally showed up so I’m preparing to add a spindle. I’ve been using a 65mm router to get started and like the dust shoe designed for it. Sienci says that the dust shoe will not work with the 80mm spindle. Has (Or will) Sienci made the STL file available? I’d like to slice and dice the existing version for use with the larger diameter spindle. The mount and latch are well done and my modelling skills aren’t up to the task of designing a shoe from scratch.


Not sure which dust shoe you are referring to but if you go to the LongMill resources page for your machine then on the left side of the screen there is an index. The dust shoe can be found under Advanced>Open Source. There is a link to get you started at the top of the forum screen where it says Resources.

PS. I love your avatar and “Old, analog guy stumbling through this digital world . . .”, got a good chuckle out of it!

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Exactly what I was looking for. I bought the magnetic shoe for the Mk2 and like the way it mounts. I’m hoping to modify the model to fit around the larger spindle.


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