E-Stop and IOT Relay question

I’m finally getting around to swapping out my 8-bit Openbuilds BlackBox for the 32-bit SLB! My CNC is a self-sourced MilkCr8 CNC with NEMA-17 motors and a RoutER11 (basically, Makita with ER11 collet).

I’ll certainly have more questions, but the first is an easy one: Does the E-Stop button provided with the SLB also control the IOT Relay? IE, if my router is connected through the IOT Relay, and I hit the E-Stop, will the router stop, or should I continue with my older E-Stop that stops the AC connection before my 24V power supply? The manual is vague when it says, "The E-stop is designed to cut power to your machines stepper motors and also send a signal back to the MCU to disable all other accessories that your SLB controls. "

I found another thread that seemed to be referring to the older LongBoard, and that it didn’t control the IOT relay with the older E-Stop - but I was still unclear regarding the SLB and the provided E-stop.



Hey @JohnOCFII, a MilkCr8 eh? Cool!

Yes the E-stop is able to disable all 24V power throughout the SLB, and in addition sends a signal back to the MCU to disable all accessories. This includes turning off the spindle, IOT Relay, and anything else that’s triggered by M3/4 and M7/8 commands.

Excellent! Thanks Chris.