Easel for Longmill

So Easel does have an option for Longmill settings specifically. Now this may be a stupid question but can you cut straight from Easel or does it have to export the gcode to UGS or such to work the Longmill?

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@Chyren I have not used Easel, Gary, but from the videos that I just watched and from the easel.com website, it looks like Easel does it all - one stop shopping. You don’t need UGS or any other gcode sender.

I have used the non subscription side of easel here and there. Pretty simple to figure out but to answer your question…yes it’s an all in one service.

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We’re going to use the PRO version for our business. Working on the software as we speak.

Easel for easy and fast projects. Easy to import svg from inkscape, dxf from autocad. If You making animal motives, it will be best option. In PRO version You get more fonts… and I don’t see any more benefits from that.
I was using easel becouse I’m doing job faster than in F360.

I purchased the pro and did a tiling job, no good it went off by 2” , finally talked with longmill and they said don’t use it, the firmware is wrong went back to ugs and went good after.

Need help with saving easel projects, it use to save to my documents and now I have to go to about 5 different places to find it ,then put it in a saved folder to transfer to ugs any help

@Baggerh I don’t use Easel, Harold, so I don’t know if this link will help, but it explains how to export the gcode file from Easel.

The file will be saved to whatever folder you have set as your default folder in the browser you are using.