Easel Machine setup

Has anyone setup their Longmill in Easel (using the “machine” tab)? i reached out to Inventables and the sent me instructions - see below. It looks intimidating for a newbie. is it worth doing?

As you are aware, unfortunately for safety concerns, Easel requires you to go through this machine setup walkthrough. The appropriate options would be “other (grbl)” for the machine type, but the only z-axis options are ones currently used and used in the past on our Inventables machines. You will need to choose one of them to complete the setup, but you can then manually change that back to the appropriate value afterward.

After you complete the setup walkthrough, you’ll need to adjust your $102 steps/mm setting to have your z-axis move accurately. You may need to reach out directly to your machine manufacturer for help with that value, or you can certainly go through these links to help you calculate that value on your own:


If you’re unable to find or calculate the specific value, you can go through this steps/mm calibration process as well:

You can make all the same adjustments outlined in the forum thread video using the console in Easel’s Machine Inspector (Machine Menu > Advanced > Machine Inspector). It’s been my experience that most 3rd party machines have the same value for all three axes, so you might start by setting your $102 setting to the same value as your $100 and $101 settings. To change the value, you’ll need to send the following command through the console in the Machine Inspector with X being the same value as your $100 and $101:


It may not be the same value as $100 and $101 and would suggest if that’s the case to go through that steps/mm calibration process linked above.

Yeah that all sounds about right. I think the last time I was using Easel they had loaded a LongMill profile onto it

I never had to do anything like that at all. I opened the program chose longmill and away I went. What are you doing with it?

I’m using Easel as an app for “simple” layout projects using the other “grbl” and selecting the LongMill as the machine. Did absolutely nothing else (no settings changes, etc.). Clicking on the “advanced” menu on the bottom right brings up another menu allowing you to generate and then export the gcode. I then use UGS for controlling the LongMill and sending the gcode generated by Easel.

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Ya thats the way to do it without using the pro version. You can try the pro for free 3 or 4 days a month for free if you want. But like I said if you want to use the pro version its only like $30 a month or so. Not a huge layout.

I have to agree with the above comments…I too find easel a simplified solution for a newbe like myself to learn the concepts and functioning of the cnc operation. I personally like the program, and their tech support is fantastic, within the limitations easel has; but it’s a great beginning point with a ton of youtube howto’s and friendly tech support from inventables.