Electrical in garage

I am going to be adding some new circuits. I know nothing about electrical so I want to describe what I need well to the electrician.

How is this for a garage setup? Would I really need 5 circuits?

Circuit 1

Circuit 2
Shop vac

Circuit 3
Cnc controller

Circuit 4
battery chargers
Occasional space heater
Occasional air compressor

Circuit 5
Garage door opener

Looks good- more circuits the better. You can do individual circuits or put in a small 60amp sub panel as close to your main work area if possible.

#1 20 amp
#2 20 amp
#3 10 amp
#4 30 amp if you can compressor and heater can pull 20 combined
#5 20 amp

Thank you! My panel is directly next to my machines.

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