Electrostatic electricity mitigation for Dust Collection

A newbie - MK2 coming soon. What are you using to mitigate electrostatic electricity in dust collection system? Thanks

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I have not deployed it yet but I got some 14g stranded copper wire to run inside my dust collection hose. To ground it, I ran an extra ground behind one of my wall outlets (they are all at 4’ high) and plan on grounding it there. I will run it through a small hole in my flexible hose just before my dust collector. Why haven’t I run it yet? I have not come up,with a suitable solution for my blast gates. The best I found thus far is exiting the hose before the gate and inserting it back into the hose on the other side. I would silicone both cuts in the flexible pipe. I am also planning on using 4” pvc drain pipe to hook up my table saw, my surface planer and my miter saw. I can take pictures if you would like to see my dust collection set up thus far. I am happy with
Oh I forgot to welcome you to the forum. Great people offering sound advice (except for my advice :rofl: :joy:)

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The first thing I’d try would be to wrap the bare wire on the outside of the house and ground that.

Hey @NeilFerreri, I actually have 2-8’ copper grounding rods 6’ apart outside my shop. That grounds to my sub panel in my shop. So my ground is solid. Many people don’t do that when running power to their shop. I followed the electrical code to a tee when I built my shop in 2021. Now pulling ground from behind a face plate might not be code. But it was already inspected. :laughing: