Enclosure build

Newbie here. Just assembled my 30x48 and built this enclosure. Enclosure was non-negotiable due to kids, sound and dust. This thing is framed and insulated with rockwool. Put the table on casters to slide out and added 2x2 support under table. Going to move the fridge(s). Its a bit of a challenge to crawl in but I am nimble enough (for now). Wish I would have gone 6 inches wider.

Also enlcosed the shop vac which is the loudest. Havent connected hoses and dust stopper pro cyclone yet. Added hepa filter. Currently 65dbs but i am going to add some drywall inside secured directly to mdf for more density. Had a happy accident. Was going to add a door access but noticed i can just lean enclosure over to easily access shopvac. Got a bluetooth thermometer to monitor temps. Got the five filter box fan air filter hack also hanging from ceiling.

Suggestions needed on:

  • electric: got an electrician buddy to assist. Hes recommended a 240v. Breaker is close by so thats nice. Thoughts on adding an outlet inside the enclosure? Seems like theres enough give to when I slide it out, I wouldnt have to unplug everything.

Anything I am critically missing? Doing this all on tight budget for now. Thanks!!



Looks like a nice neat compact setup. For me, if I get down on the floor, I might not get up :grin:. Nice job.

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@Clt49er What are your plans that would require 220V? Are you in Europe?

No. USA. My buddy likes to over build stuff. I have a shop vac, cnc, and battery chargers all going to one outlet via surge protector strip. Is that ok? Electric is outside my comfort zone.

@Clt49er With respect, I think that you may be misunderstanding your buddy. None of the appliances that you name are 220v. They are all 110. Your buddy is likely talking about the amperage of the breakers that you may need. In that case, โ€œover buildingโ€ is a good idea if you can afford it. You never know when you may want to add a spindle, a laser or other add on that will draw more amps than your current set up will support.

Yeah. Very likely I misunderstood. What amperage would you recommend? Laser is in the future.

@Clt49er I would defer to your electrician friend. He can look at the amperage ratings of your shop vac, the LM controller, the router and the laser. None of them draw much. He will, no doubt, build in an expansion factor.

Edit: In thinking of your previous post, I would bet that your buddy was talking about 2 x 40amp breakers. That would be TONS.

Mounted the board and power supplies. Got a remote switch to turn on router, fan and vac.


I really like your enclosure build but am curious about the Rockwool. What made you choose that material for sound proofing?

I had it left over from a prior project. Its a dense material. Great for sound absorption. Much denser than standard insulation. But it isnt cheap.

You typically get better sound insulation if you create air pocket between drywall and mdf otherwise the sound transmits through the common wall.

@Clt49er nice job, better than my living room furniture lol

Thanks! It came together better than I thought. Its whisper quiet. Not too hard access as long as my knees and beer belly dont get worse. Now the shop vac enclosure I did needs some work. Currently at 65dbs.

Thanks for the tip! Will put like a 1/2โ€ spacer between.