Enclosures & Dust Collection

Lots of people who commented on how dusty CNC machines can be. I haven’t built mine yet but have used a 4x8 at a makerspace. Definitely lots of dust. :slight_smile:

I see various people building enclosures and I’m curious how effective dust collection is within the enclosure. Does that just tap the dust and you still do a lot of hand vaccuming once a job is complete or is the dust shoe and your shop vac able to keep up in the enclosed environment?

And for those who built enclosures, did they provide any material sound deadening? Or is the plexiglass fairly porous for sound?


The main sound source will be the dust collector engine.
Enclosures are created to make it more effective because any air leak will make dust collection less effective.

Dust collector is main think to prevent fire.

Just build simple cyclone separator and use 300–>900W vacuum cleaner.

I use a dust collector with the supplied dust boot and have no issues with excessive dust in my work room. I can appreciate the sound deadening you can get with an enclosure though - when the router and dust collection system is running I wear hearing protection when in the same room.

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