End Mill for Surfacing aluminum blank before cutting


I need to surface an aluminum blank before I cut it. The top has one surface irregularity that I need to eliminate. I wondered if I could use the same end mill I use for surfacing the wasteboard, but that isn’t advisable (it’s 1 1/4"). I’m thinking of my trusty 1/4" two flute upcut.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? thanks

I’ve done some aluminum cutting with an 1/8" bit and it worked well. (Made a very small " throttle body" for a mockup engine). You will have to calculate chip load for your “speeds and feeds” and may also need cooling solution. I used rubbing alcohol (works fantastically for aluminum). I’ve found the hardest part with aluminum is proper chip extraction/ ejection so it doesn’t clog the endmill. Also if surfacing try to position the piece close to one of the corners of the machine to reduce deflection in the gantries. (There isn’t much but every little bit helps). I’m very much a novice but that’s what has worked for me :+1:

@Shawn These may give you some ideas