End MIll Organizer

After playing with my Longmill MK1 for over three years, I seem to have collected a significant number of end mills, bits, etc.
I had them in their original containers in this generic plastic “organizer” but I wanted them to be more “organized”.
I considered creating a holder form a large slab of wood but decided to use the plastic tray to hold smaller blocks of wood and to label them with the Laserbeam.
This is what I came up with. Now I need to create a lid since the included lid is pretty much flush with the top of the tray.
Onward and upward.


I made a simple block with 4 1/4" holes to hold the bits I will be using for a particular job. My drawer under my Longmill table is not large enough for this version, but having the description of the bits on the blocks is something, I will adapt for my shop.

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