Engraving Cast Acrylic looking for Pointers

Happy New Year to all! I’m a newbee to CNC, just have a starter 3018 Pro and hope to progress to something more substantial in the future. I also just started using Carveco, slowly learning the software. I want to do some engraving on cast acrylic to make some awards and was hoping you could share some of the settings that have been successful for you all. I purchased a spring loaded diamond drag bit, 60 degree as well as a carbide 30 degree V engraving bit. I have messed with the diamond bit a little with limited success, I think my depth was too much since the bit is struggling to drag it appears. In the end I would like to use 3/4" cast acrylic engraved on the back side, but I want to get some practice prior to using that more costly material. Thanks in advance and thanks for the opportunity to join your forum.

@Retiredgoat I have moved your post to the CarveCo category, Jim. I believe that it will get more attention here.
As an aside, I don’t use CarveCo, but I do use diamond drag bits. The manufacturer provided settings for mine. Yours may, too.

Hello Jim, I haven’t done any acrylic engraving so I don’t have advice on that. However I have done some cutting and would suggest that if you do have to cut out the profile shape that you get an ‘O flute end mill’ recommended for plastic.

You can see the end is different than a flat end mill and the difference for cutting was night and day for me. No melting with the O flute end mill for me.