Epoxy-filled plaque

Resin used on this.


Burke, I can’t tell from your photos whether you achieved that “shiny” poured surface after sanding off the extra epoxy. Perhaps you didn’t want it to shine.

I’ve stayed away from the procedure you used, because in testing I couldn’t get that shine back without some heavy-duty polishing. What I settled on was letting the pour stay below the surface, and possibly adding a thin layer of clear epoxy (or just poly spray) to get the shine I wanted.

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Just poured it, ran it through a planer and sanded. Used Howard’s butcher block conditioner.
This was my first attempt at something like this. I was happy with the result.


As you should be! You are your own worst critic! It is an amazing process to stretch your legs and do something you have never done before. Can’t wait to see more. Keep reaching and sharing your creations. Gives me something to shoot for.

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Hi, Looks really sharp. Great job.
Did you use anything to stop the epoxy from bleeding?