Example of super simple CNC use

Super simple, almost stupid simple project here. I am an amatuer astronomer, and I have my rig set up on a little cart called a scope buggy, that you can leave the tripod set up and just wheel everything into the barn art the end of a night. Anyway, it has some cups to keep the tripod legs from coming off the cart, but they are very large, so large the tips of my tripod legs would get wedged in there, which was annoying as it would twist the bar, etc.

Anyway I had been thinking lately, and had a circle cut out that almost fit in perfectly. Out cam the digital calipers, some measurements and some guesswork and I decided to cut out some 69mm circles, with 20 mm holes in the middle. These would center the tripod legs over the support bars.

After drawing it up in carbide create, had anm example cut out in 5 minutes, copied it and the toolpaths and had 3 of them cut out.

I might have been able to do it with hand tools but would not have gotten the circles as nice, as consistent, or round. And certainly not the right size.

Anyway I know its not amazing, but, to me it solved a problem that was driving me nuts for a long time :slight_smile:


Simple yet effective :partying_face:

A great project for learning more about the machine as well!

Yeah, was nice and simple. Scope is happy too!


@mikecmp Mike: I think projects like this are great examples of simple ways to learn the software and the workings of the Mill. Anyone can do them. You are limited only by your imagination, and they do not take a lot of material.
As an aside, that’s hell of a rig you have there. :smiley: