Experiencing a possible GCODE issue with making my spoil board

Hey guys, David here. I attempted to run the follow gcode with no tool in my Makita router just to see what the actual tool path would be before running the job. I had my toolhead at 0,0,0.

What I expected: I expected the XY gantry to move into roughly the center as illustrated by the toolpath visualizer in gsender, have the Z-axis go up to 15mm, then descend to begin machining the first pocket.

What happened: The Z axis moved downwards to -80.55mm, then moved its way to the center. After arriving to the center, the Z axis moved upwards to 15mm, then would begin machining the first pocket.

Here’s the GCODE that generated from Fusion360. I don’t see any mention of -80.55mm. Is there something I’m doing wrong in gsender or Fusion? I’d be happy to share more details upon request.
fuckingSpoilBoardAttempt5.nc (3.4 MB)

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@DavidTheFuturist I know nothing about fusion360, but I will take a look at the gcode file, as I’m sure others will. Five things first:

  1. Please rename the file, delete the current link and link the new, more suitably named, file.

  2. Please tell us what post processor you used in fusion to generate the gcode

  3. What CNC do you have?

  4. If your CNC is a Long Mill, do you have limit switches installed?

  5. What version of gSender are you running?


Edit: Having played that file in ncviewer and started to run it in gSender, I think I know how it got its name. Man, that is nasty. :grinning:

Hi David,

If you can share your Fusion project, I can look at the toolpath generation as well.

In gSender, what is the Workspace (top right hand corner) set at ie. G?
When I run your code and set the tool at the left hand corner of the spoilboard and set X and Y to 0 and set the Z axis to 8mm above the work piece the following happens.
It starts from the LH front of the board, moves the Z axis DOWN to -1.52mm BELOW the board , moves to the centre, lifts 15mm, moves down and then starts machining the centre hole at X333 and Y330.
The problem appears to me to be in line 10 when it switches to G28 which is the machine coordinates (small numbers in the X,Y and Z coords and set Z to 0 which is below the board - in my case 1.52mm.
The Gcode then sets G54 so back to workplace coords hence the lift, as stated, of 15mm
I would comment out line 10 and retest