Experiment with Baltic Birch Scrap - Shift Knob Remix

Hello again all!

I had been planning on trying a project with Baltic Birch scraps, to see how the end grain would look when cut in an interesting shape. So, I resurrected my shift knob design. All in all I’m pleased with the results.

I still need to refine my work holding a bit - the part line still required more sanding than I would have liked - but after some careful clean up and some almond oil, it turned out pretty nicely.

I’m hoping to further refine my work holding for cutting the top of the knob. I made (and reused) a nest for fastening the half-finished knob, but it lacks positive registration so isn’t as precise as it could be.

I will definitely continue to keep my Baltic Birch scraps, as it glues up nicely. Now to come up with more things to make - I already have more shift knobs than I need.