Extend Y axis with roller stand or sawhorse ?r

Has anyone used a sawhorse or roller stand to provide support for stock that is longer than your Y axis ?

I was thinking of doing this to enable me to work on the ends of pieces that were too long to fit on my table.
If you have, what was your experience and which stand did you use.

Greg have not tried what you are describing but I see no reason why you could not do it, type of support would not matter as long as the board is sufficiently clamped to the table.

@GregM I’ve done it just about every time I’ve tiled a piece - so half a dozen times or so. I have adjustable height roller stands that I use with all my other machines. There is no magic do it. I set the stand to the height of my LM table, clamp the piece onto the table with the overhang supported by the stand, and route away. It’s actually one of the easier uses for my stands, and usually, the material is moving.

Thanks Grant !
Do you use one that can either have a roller head or a flat top, or does just the roller head one alone suffice ?

@GregM I have three. All of them have flip tops. Two of those have a fixed rail, a full width roller and several small round rollers. The third one has a solid rail or the small rollers.

Since the material is not moving when I’m supporting the overhang from the LM table, I used the solid rail tops.

If anyone in Canada is interested, Canadian Tire (who I am usually loathe to buy from) has a special on roller stands at a significant discount. I picked two up for $25 + taxes each.

It is in store only and most stores are out of stock so search for one that has. Ingot one from a Toronto outlet nearish to me, and on in Montreal to be picked up for my by family for when I next visit there