Extra X gantry for laser slave

Hey guysngalls,

I have been using my laser add-on for a few projects now. I noticed that laser engravings are mostly not that large. Having a 48x30, I had a hmmm moment watching the machine work the other day. So much space, so little project…

Wouldn’t it be possible to add an extra -not motorized- xz gantry, free riding the x-axis, coupled with the master gantry by a few metal beams or whatever works, thus copying every movement the master gantry makes and putting an extra laser module on the slave to simultaneously engrave two projects.

Making a slave gantry won’t be a problem, the hardware is available in the scienci shop. The one problem that is bugging me is, will it be possible for the long board to connect two laser control boards into the laser-output.

Will both lasers work, or none of them? Any ideas?