Extreme Rookie here asking for help

I have my 30X30 assembled and my plan is to design in Inkscape, create g-code in UGS and connect with the Longmill via Camlab. So far I have been unsuccessful even creating a basic file that can be transferred to UGS. I have tried to find videos to explain it on YouTube but have still not been able to accomplish it. I would like to get over this speed bump and be able to use my machine. Please help

@00Resin - First of all Robert welcome to the forum. Secondly you are fine with using InkScape for design but I’m not sure it will create 3D STL files. It will, however, create SVG files which would then have to be converted to an STL file. From there you are a little backwards between UGS and Camlab. Camlab only processes 3D STL files. Camlab will generate the gcode that UGS will process to run the longmill. So the process flow is design (CAD), gcode (CAM) and then process (UGS). Are you sure you want to undertake 3D engraving right off the bat? It’s usually better, IMHO, to start with 2D to gain a little experience and then progress up the scale to 3D. 3D is not hard but has it’s difficulties above 2D/2.5D layouts. Just wanted you to be aware. Please ask more questions if you have them.

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@Heyward43 With respect, H, I think your order is wrong. You design in CAD, create toolpaths and gcode in CAM, then send to the Mill using a sender - in this case, UGS. Yes?

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@gwilki - Grant, no disrespect taken, lol. You are definitely right. My dyslexia kicked in. It is now corrected, thanks. Since Robert mentioned UGS I let it slide. I know there are others but didn’t want to confuse him (especially since I use CNCjs, oops).

Thank you for the information. You are right, I am just trying to cut lettering into a flat piece of wood for my first project. So just 2D. Just a bit frustrating because I just want to use my machine. Its been assembled for a while now. Thank You.

@00Resin - Just a thought you might want to try some of the free CAD programs. Easel or Carbide Create are two that a lot of beginners start with. They are pretty easy but somewhat limited. They should help you get started. There are plenty of youtube videos for training to help. Of course there are quite a few folks on this forum that will be glad to help also. See above, even I make mistakes sometimes, lol.

Again, thank you for your time and help. I have downloaded Carbide Create but did not see the Longmill as an option when picking your machine. Will it work with the Longmill?

@00Resin - Yes, it will work with the Longmill. I don’t use it so I’m not sure how to set it up for the LM. Maybe select Shapoeko XXL. I pulled up a youtube video and there are 2 post processors that should work for the LM. One is basic gcode and one is grbl. You can try both to see which one works. They probably both will. Be sure and select inch or milimeter to match your project.

Maybe try Easel? I’m definitely not computer savvy and just put my 30x30 longmill together this weekend. I did carve with easel for the first time last night. It was a successful failure, as it was cutting upside down and backwards, but I think I’ve got it licked. Good luck.

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I like that! A “Successful Failure”. I have had many of those as I’m sure a lot of others have also. Keep going. You’re doing good.


Thank you. I think Easel makes it pretty easy for the hobbyist to start carving. Its also one of few that actually has the longmill in its database. It is pretty limited, but it will do for now. The only thing I dont like about it, is its browser based. My internet can be sketchy at times because I live pretty far outside city limits. Thanks again for the encouraging words.

You’re welcome. Yes, I think Easel is probably easier to start with. You can move up to Carbide Create later or just stay with Easel until you are comfortable. I’m not sure if both are the same as far as capability or not so can’t help much beyond that. Good luck with your carving.