Fail-slash and stop using Easel

I just got the Longmill up and going and cranked out a couple signs using Easel. Since Easel would not let me send the gcode to UGS without using PRO I thought I’d use a free day and try Easel for the whole job. Things were going well on this next job until it mysteriously stopped and proceeded to strike a gash right through the lettering. I’m not sure why this happened exactly, but am suspecting maybe a wifi outage since I was not using UGS, and tried using Easel to carve.
Can anyone tell me if that makes sense? If not, any other ideas what could have caused this?

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Welcome to the group. Lots of help here, so ask away. And we’re always looking to learn, so please share.

Many of the “it was working fine and then …” problems have happened because of motor wire plug that weren’t seated completely. Go back and really push them in on both the motor ends and the LongBoard ends.

It’s been a while since I used Easel, but you can save gcode without going Pro - With a project loaded go to Machine - Advanced - Export g-code. It will save an .nc file that you can use in UGS.

Thanks for the welcome Bill. I think all my connections are ok because when I go back to UGS all is good. I agree that you can use Easel and save the g-code without going to the pro version but not if you have a v-bit as your tool. As soon as I changed the bit to an up cut it allowed me to generate and export the g-code. Put the v-bit back in and they want money. Taking CC for a test drive…I liked Easel but not if I have to eliminate v-bits to make it work

Sorry, I missed the obvious use of a V-bit in the pic.

I’ve used CC more than Easel, but still not very much. There are people here who use CC routinely so you should be able to get any questions answered.

Have fun. Stay safe.


One tip I have when using V bits in Easel that require you to use a “pro” day, is to get as many designs that use V bits or other Pro bits made on the same day, export the G code and they will be available for use by UGS whenever you get around to carving them.