Family Christmas Gifts

Here’s a children’s play kitchen that I built for my daughters. It’s made to be a bit larger than usual since my older daughter is a bit taller. Almost all done on the long mill. The large sides, cabinet fronts, counter top, and top plate all done on the CNC. Bit of a challenge with the 30x30, but I made it work. Doors all have magnet mounted so hold them shut.

Also made my wife a nice jewelry box out of maple. Something quick and simple.


That kitchen looks awesome, your children are going to love it!

Edit: Just noticed that this was your first post. Talk about making an entrance! Welcome to the forum, a lot of nice people here willing to help each other and share their projects. I think you should enter the kitchen set in this or next weeks contest which is freestyle (anything goes) theme.

Thanks! I’ve been lurking for quite some time, but never had the courage to post any of my work.

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@emercado921 You make one heck of a debut, Emmanuel! It’s definitely time to quit lurking and show us your work. Well done!


The kitchen is unbelievably awesome! At the first glance it doesn’t seem as a children’s play kitchen at all!
I love the way it doesn’t look cheap and plastic like most of the toys nowadays.

Thanks! That was the goal in this project.