February 17 - February 24, 2023 "A Project That is a Clock" Contest

Wow, what lovely projects! Thank you to all who participated in our “A Project That is Valentine’s Themed” contest where we asked creators to post their loveliest projects.

We are happy to announce that Homestead Acres, Corey Daup, Carlos J. Soto, @RonRowland, @LJD76, and Vance McGrath are the winners of the "A Project That is Valentine’s Themed” contest! Watch out for a prize!

P.S. We will be closed Monday, February 20th for Family Day and back in the office on Tuesday, February 21st.

This week’s theme is “projects that are clocks”. Post your most creative clock projects that were made using your LongMill and share them with us for a chance to be one of the winners of this week’s contest and win free prizes!

Visit our blog for more information on our Weekly Themed Contest:

Weekly Themed Contest Rules and Guidelines:

Have ideas for themes? Let us know by commenting down below!

Happy creating!

I would post a clock I made, but I avoid social media with a ten foot pole. Is there any other way to post pictures for the contest?


@ozguzzi Feel free to post them on this thread!

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OK, here is my clock that I made on the LongMill MK1. It is made of oak.


@ozguzzi This looks great! Can I also get your name?

Bruce Oswald is my name, I have had Oz as a nick name forever, and I’m an old fart (71). Been riding motorcycles for over 55 years, and Guzzi’s for over 44 years.

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I just got the bits that Sienci Labs sent for the clock contest. Thank you very much, and I know that they will be used! I just love the LongMill, and the people in this group.