February 2022 Production Updates

Here’s our February production update! For the full post, please see here: February 2022 Production Update | Sienci Labs


  • Our team is growing and we got a forklift and sea cans!

  • We are wrapping up the last of the LongMill MK1 orders, with orders placed at the end of December being shipped now. We are expecting potential delays with the last 10-15 machines based on the availability of power adapters.

  • Parts for the LongMill MK2 which were scheduled for arrival at the end of January have been delayed to February. Due to these delays, we are expecting shipping for MK2 machines to start closer to the middle of March now.

  • LaserBeam orders placed in November and before have been shipped. Orders placed between November and the end of January are scheduled to ship at the end of this month, and new orders will ship at the end of March.

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Thank you for the update Andy! I am glad you and your staff made it through Covid alright.

I am very glad that you are adding people and are being very transparent regarding the supply issues and your growth pain. As a new purchaser of a MK2, that speaks volumes for the integrity and commitment of Sienci. Makes me feel good that I am establishing a lasting relationship with a company that actually cares about your customers. In today’s society, these traits are nearly nonexistent.

Thanks again!