Fill Out Our CNC Workshop Survey!

Hey folks. We are planning on setting up some CNC workshops in the next couple of months! If you’re interested, please help us by filling out a quick survey so we can plan workshops that match your schedule, budget, challenges, and interests. If you can’t make it to our office in person, in-office workshops will be livestreamed for those that can’t attend and we want to hear from you as well.




Why does everyone use Google to produce everything? Google demands to use an account. Its just another way to tick me off. I won’t participate with you via Google.

Can’t items like this be done on your own server? Or how about on this very forum?

I like this guy…… I thought I was the only one that thought this way…

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@CrookedWoodTex I HATE Google, too. I don’t use their search engine or their browser. However, just an FYI, you do not need a Google account to complete this questionnaire. :grinning:


It shouldn’t to fill out this form.

EDIT: As @gwilki already replied.

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Only if you want to save your work do you need an account. I did it without signing in.

Yep I seen that @gwilki stated that too!

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The point is, why Google? Can’t we just do it here where we are all the time. I’m tired of having Google and Facebook involved in everything.

@CrookedWoodTex I certainly don’t speak for Sienci. However, I believe that the benefit of using a Google doc is that the results of the survey or questionnaire are all tabulated by Google. Companies don’t need to develop algorithms to compile the replies/inputs.

I hear what you’re saying, Grant, but your comment highlights (better than I did) the very reason not to use Google and Facebook for every damn thing in the universe.

I know, I know. Everybody does it, and they haven’t died yet. Rant over. Go back to the normal methods of operation (that don’t include me.)


@CrookedWoodTex I’m really sorry that you feel that way, Tex. I, for one, valued your participation here. Take good care.

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No, wait! :smiley: I’m only irritated with the Google crap with Sienci. Don’t dismiss me yet! :smiley:


@CrookedWoodTex You have my sincere apology for the misunderstanding, Tex.

This thread has gotten far off topic - due in no small part to my input. I apologize to the group for that. I don’t believe that I can close this conversation without messing up its initial objective. However, I will shut the heck up! :upside_down_face: