Finished a Navy Veteran Plaque

Did the model work in Carveco Maker+ and the piece is cedar. I finished with spray lacquer. 10inch diameter. 1/4in bit for roughing and 1/16 tapered ball nose to finish. After surfacing the material it was 0.89 inches thick. The actual model thickness was about .5in with most of that thickness coming from the eagle and lettering is 0.15in thick.

I made it for someone to give to their Uncle for Christmas.

Edited to add more info on the piece.


Very Nice! Good detail, it should display well.

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Beautiful piece! Excellent job!

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I finally have a project done that fits the contest’s theme. I edited the first post with a bit more info on the carving

@mollysaynavong Can this one be entered into the contest?

Absolutely! You can entered this project in our “LongMill Projects” Contest that will be running for the next two weeks. :smiley:

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