Finishing Cut MDF board

Hi. Any suggestions on some sort of finish for MDF, such as clear, stain, solid colors, etc…?
I know the cut portion of MDF is probably to most lousy board to finish as per my photo.
Maybe while melamine covered MDF is good for signage, maybe color the cut… as long as it doesn’t get wet.

I do quite a bit of MDF finishing, since I do a lot of MDF picture frames. For the frames, I use a 2-part water based post cat lacquer primer, then a water based coloured lacquer. The finish is as smooth as a baby’s butt. That said, for reliefs like yours, the finish would like be too thick and it would obscure the details. I suggest that you get a sanding sealer - either shellac or lacquer based. Spray or brush on a couple of coats. Then you can apply pretty much whatever you like. I have had good results with rattle can paints. It will also take a lacquer stain surprisingly well.