Firmware settings for a Shapeoko Pro XXL

I’m trying to help out a buddy who would like to use gSender to send code to this CNC machine. He is currently using Carbide Motion. I have not been able to find the firmware settings for this machine, nor how to get them to display in Carbide Motion so that I can copy them into gSender.

Can anyone here (@NeilFerreri ) help, please? :grinning:

Shouldn’t need to mess with firmware settings. Just connect to gSender and they’ll all be there.

@NeilFerreri I wondered about that, but when I selected Shapeoko in the machine and told it to load defaults, it said that it had no information on that machine. I could not see that it changed any of the settings when switching from the Long Mill to the Shapeoko.

You don’t really even need to select a machine. Just connect. I’m the console, you’ll see all the settings. In my opinion, the firmware settings part of gSender is a source for issues. I think by making things easier, they’re making things easier to jack up. I’d recommend only using the console for changing settings. Makes it very clear that you’re changing something when you have to type it in. That said, the settings are kept on the board until you change them. If the Shapeoko is working, just don’t change the settings.

@NeilFerreri I knew that. :grinning: Or, at least I should have. I never did select a machine on my setup. What I was unclear on was, if I change a setting in console, did it change in the firmware window of gS. I just checked it, and it does change as long as you disconnect and re-connect the board.

What started this was, actually two things. The guy told me that in gSender, the machine was running against the stops - ignoring the switches. I’m assuming that is because limits and homing $21 and $22 are not turned on. Correct?

Carbide machines typically have homing enabled and hard/soft limits off.

Tell him not to try to run the machine past its limits!

@NeilFerreri That’s interesting. Why would you have switches, but have hard limits off? How do the switches do their job? I realize that I am betraying my ignorance here, but such is life.

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The switches are homing switches as they’re only at one end of travel.
In the early days of these hobby CNC machines, the electronics were Even more prone to EMI and electrical noise. It was too common to see false positives on the switch inputs. Stepper motors just lose steps on a crash, so the machine is safe.


I need to talk to him again, but I don’t think it’s a matter of him trying to hit the stops. I understood that it runs to the stops as soon as he connects with gSender - something it does not do when connecting with Carbide Motion. I need to confirm that, though.

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Just name sure he keeps an eye on those work offsets. Carbide motion likes to do too much, like storing the offsets on the controlling PC rather than just leaving it up to the controller board. Switching back and forth can be frustrating.
gSender only passes commands to the machine. The machine will only do what you tell it to. Motion does what it thinks you should do and can create confusion.