First attempt at inlay

Here’s my first try at an inlay job.

6.5” x 6.5” Hard Maple, Peruvian Walnut, Yellow Heart and Purple Heart.

It has some issues but I’m pretty happy with it anyway.

That Purple Heart is hard! Broke four 1/8” up cut end mills making the plug for it. :man_facepalming:t3:



@CraigHashey Nicely done, Craig. :grinning:

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Thank you. I learned a lot doing it. That was my goal.


@CraigHashey Craig! Very nice! Learning is something we as CNC Creators do everyday. If you are not learning, you are not using your machine. I carved a 50th birthday gift for my bride using purple heart. You are absolutely correct, it is VERY hard. Pictures are here somewhere in the forum if you wanted to look at it. I went very slow with my v carve. Beautiful wood though. I hope to see more of your woodworking in the future. Thanks for sharing it!